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Frequently Asked Questions


We want to empower everyone and give them hope by helping them grow and succeed. 
Here are some questions that can be answered. 

 01  How long does AWS Program take?

The program depends on the individual. For example. (if a client does not require subsistance treatment, he/or she would decrese their track to success significantly.




 02  How much does this program cost me?

A referring agency would be billed, not the client. 
Cathalic Social Services, VocRehab, Welness Court, CITC, or any corporation sponsor. 




 03  How soon can I get a job?

As soon as you can complete the necessary trainings. The program goes at the pace of the client.




 04  What if i'm homeless and/or have been incarcerated?

We at Alaska WorkSouce (AWS) specialized in homelessness and former incarcerated individuals. 




 05  What if i'm a felon? Can I still recive services and get a job?

We can still give you training and support. The outcome can be determined at the orinatation of the individuals program. We can work with a client to open the door's for whats avaliable. 

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