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Alaska WorkSource (AWS) an organization that provides complete vocational training, job readiness, employment placement and support services to Alaska's veterans, disabled citizens, the homeless, and ex-offenders. We accomplish this by using evidence-based programming models to help them overcome their lack of work history, obstacles with employment, and substance abuse issues and achieve lasting success in their lives.


AWS trains and equips each individual with the tools that will allow them to redirect their lives in a positive direction and become productive citizens. Our central focus is to integrate skilled individuals into the Alaskan workforce.

Backed by our Behavior Health Services Tutan, our behavior health professionals of today continue to develop innovative evidence-based service models to serve the disconnected and socially disadvantaged persons re-entering society after periods of incarceration or homelessness. Our unique partnerships within local communities represents one of the Alaska’s best opportunities to engage citizens in the process of offering acceptance, service and guidance to formerly incarcerated citizens. These efforts, not only provide life-changing benefits for the formerly incarcerated, but also make a direct impact on the health and vitality of the local community.

Seasoned Alaskan contractors provide vocational training in the construction trades, project management, marketing and sales, and building maintenance. Alaska WorkSource also provides high level job retention curriculum, intensive life skill training, and drug and alcohol programs designed to deal with personal behavior and accountability. Alaska WorkSource gives each individual hope. Equipping them with tools, and training so they can successfully re-enter the job market and their community.

Steps to Success

(Phase 1 & 2)

We begin with an Initial Assessment/ Individualized Service Plan from a nationally accreditied treatment service agency using evidence-based curriculum.

PHASE I - (If needed - 3 to 18 mos.)

Outpatient substance abuse treatment from our behavior health partner Tután Recovery Services. 

PHASE II - (Can combine with TX - 7 weeks)
Success Training

  • Resume Development

  • Interviewing for Solutions

  • Character Development

  • Professional Ethics

  • Professional Etiquette

  • Life Skills (Budgeting, Time Management, Resource Development, etc.)

Training & Employment
(Phase 4)

We understand the employers need a qualified employee that has not just the drive but the skills to succeed. This is important for getting our clients placed in a job.


Employment Placement.  

Success Coaching
(Phase 3)

The good news is that sustainability can be reached through effective success training. At AWS we develop custom success training to cover the emotional, practical, and theoretical aspects of achieving.


Vocational Education/ Training

Classes that we offer:

  • Construction

  • Culinary Arts

  • Web Design

  • Marketing

  • Enterpeneurship


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Video Tutorials 
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Alaska WorkSource School


Our program can help save lives and help bring our community together. 

Tutan Recovery 


Our patner, Tutan is a national accreditied treatment service agency providing assessments, treatment, therapy and quality one-on-one family care. 

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