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Voluenteer Program
Project 180


A pioneer in Correctional Services and Homelessness we champion the humane treatment of prisoners and re-entry. We provide services to help offenders successfully transition from prison to a productive life in the community and we help rehabilitate adult offenders and steer youth to set new, positive directions for their lives. Our services include therapy and work-release programs, day reporting, diversion and pre-trial services, treatment, family supports, and dispute resolution and spiritual mediation services.

Backed by our Behavior Health Services Tután Recovery, our behavior health professionals of today continue to develop innovative evidence-based service models to serve the disconnected and socially disadvantaged persons re-entering society after periods of incarceration. Our unique partnerships within local communities represents one of the Alaska’s best opportunities to engage citizens in the process of offering acceptance, service and guidance to formerly incarcerated citizens. These efforts, not only provide life-changing benefits for the formerly
incarcerated, but also make a direct impact on the health and vitality of the local community.

Specialized Case Management Services Volunteers of Alaska is a leader in the development of programs that provide specialized case management services to first-time offenders or targeted offenders, such as those charged with DUI (Driving Under the Influence) or domestic violence. Intensive supervision and support can also divert youth from the court system or incarceration. Specialized intensive case management services are provided to pre-trial defendants in the community who may otherwise be incarcerated while awaiting trial. Participants are connected with substance abuse and other services. Tutan uses intensive treatment programs using cognitive behavior approaches, coupled with more traditional twelve step and relapse prevention services, are helping break the cycles of recidivism and are provided for both individuals, women parenting children as well as for youth referred by the criminal justice system. We provide a continuum of proven service models to help offenders and homelessness to rebuild their lives and re-enter their communities. Through services such as literacy training, housing location, and alcohol and substance comprehensive treatment, offenders gain skills and are empowered to succeed. Residents secure employment, participate in education and life skills training and learn to give back to their community through community service experiences. Programs are operated through agreements with the many partners and residential re-entry facilities located across the state of Alaska.

Day Reporting Volunteers of Alaska also assists communities and governments by providing cost- effective and efficient services through day reporting. Day reporting provides low-risk offenders with a way to make amends to the community and serve their sentences or parole sanctions in a community center without the incurring the high cost of a prison stay. These centers assess an individual’s needs, develop specialized treatment and/or case management plans, and emphasize employment and skills training. All offenders are monitored to ensure that the individuals served are meeting expectations with a level of care that meets no other.Start today with Alaska WorkSource/ Tutan Recovery Services and use your skills to help our community grow and become healthier!




  • Case Management

  • Host / Facilitate Events

  • Advertisement/ Marketing

  • Follow Up's (Clients and Supporters)

  • Office work….. And much more!


Video Tutorials 
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Our program can help save lives and help bring our community together. 

Tutan Recovery 


Our patner, Tutan is a national accreditied treatment service agency providing assessments, treatment, therapy and quality one-on-one family care. 

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